• Archives


    The archives, comprising different kinds of documentation, which has been collected thanks to intensive research work conducted by the Foundation in recent years, contains:

    • – Approximately 1,100 original drawings dating back to the period between 1909 and 1967;
    • – photographic archives, comprising approximately 1,200 photographic prints;
    • – 70 original cartoons and 5 books of sketches dating from between 1905 and 1909;
    • – a collection of about 25,000 postcards – dating from the beginning of the twentieth century to the end of the 1960s – relating not only to geographic and artistic locations, but also to individual cultural and political events of Italian history (e.g. Bienniale, Trienniale, Tenth Anniversary of the Fascist Revolution, etc.);
    • – 70 reels of 16 mm film, for about 8 hours of video footage, filmed in Italy and abroad between 1931 and 1965;
    • – several pieces of furniture and furnishings designed by Portaluppi, including a walk-in closet and three desks: the “Omnibus” desk, the desk of the director who managed the power plant at Crego (Verbania) and the one used by Portaluppi in his studio.

    If you wish to consult the archives of materials, please phone +39-02-36521591 or send an email to info@portaluppi.org, specifying the subject of your research.