• Portaluppi Circus

    Portaluppi Circus

    Portaluppi Circus is a project wanted and realized by the Piero Portaluppi Foundation, which has been designed by the scientific director, architect Alessandro Scandurra.

    The objective of Portaluppi Circus is to create a series of workshops (including seminars, conferences, guided tours and various educational activities) for students and enthusiasts of architecture and design. This, reflecting the eclecticism of architect Piero Portaluppi, will lead participants to extend their interests to other artistic and cultural disciplines, not strictly related to architecture, thus stimulating curiosity, debate and an exchange of views, with a view to developing creativity and a new mind frame in approaching traditional study subjects.

    The project is expected to enhance the multidisciplinary study of contemporary architecture amongst students,  and to revive the active participation of the public in cultural-artistic activities.


    The project relies on the contribution of scholars and researchers in the field of art, culture and communication, who share their knowledge and experiences through direct contact with students, on equal terms. This engenders debate-focused educational activities, which go beyond the traditional concept of professor-led classes, in which a scholar speaks and the audience listens passively. Our activities centre on stimulating the creativity of individuals and finding alternative ways to further investigate the study of architecture and design, exploiting different channels, in order to address a large number of students, who are committed to stimulating knowledge through inquiry. These novel paths permeate all possible places, which convey artistic and architectural expression, in a symbiotic relationship with the space, keeping abreast of developments.

    Scheduled workshops

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    Milan: the search for the present

    Milan’s transformation and its search for a new identity A


    Public Art and Memorial Art

    Architecture meets Art. open conferences with debate


    Casa P.P.P.

    Opening of Piero Portaluppi’s apartment    Timing 14th – 17th


    Milan: the search for the present

    Milan’s transformation and its search for a new identity A

    FPP_WS_Milano_invito web

    Milano: ricerca del presente

    Mercoledì 30 settembre – h. 18.00-20.00 Evento conclusivo workshop “Milano:

    FPP_WS_Milano_invito web

    Milan: the search for the present

    Wednesday 30th September– h. 18.00-20.00 Fondazione Piero Portaluppi via Morozzo della

    FPP_WS_M_150923_ebook cover2

    e-book “Milano: ricerca del presente”

    The book collects the contents of the workshop organized by