Milan: the search for the present

Milan’s transformation and its search for a new identity

A didactical consideration about the transformation of Milan and the search for the dynamics that will make its next changes.

Milan  is shuddering with its new identity and today we are looking at the city with a different look, open to the changes determined by the stratification and mixture of cultures and economical issues.

We will interpret that look and analyze the new identity, trying to depict it and bring it to light.

Through practical experiences, round-tables and seminars with the participation of various speakers, professors, researchers and architects   we will build the tools for observing and designing the present time, that is currently changing.

A historian, a philosopher, a photographer, a social media expert, an architect dedicated to social issues, a contemporary art curator and a designer will meet and will create an alternative didactical project  that will build a new look at Milan through discussion, lectures and tours around the city.

The workshop is addressed to the students of Architecture and Design of the Politecnico di Milano.
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The conferences within the workshop are open to the public
Entrance with free donation.
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